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Forbearance & Deferment

If you are still in school and struggling to make payments on your student loans. You may qualify for Forbearance & Deferment.

Garnishment Prevention

Federal law requires that the Department of Education or guarantee agency notifies you before they begin garnishing your wages.

Loan Forgiveness

If you are a teacher, public service worker, or an individual with total and permanent disability you may qualify for this program.

Consolidating Your Loans

Consolidating your loans to one new loan under one lender may lower your payments and make your life a bit more manageable.

Affordable Payments

If you are looking to lower your monthly payments, then Income Based Repayment Plans may be the correct choice for you.

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You may be eligible for

Loan Forgiveness Programs

In some cases, individuals with Federal Student Loans may qualify to have a portion of the amount owed to be forgiven.

Get in touch with our professional team to find out which loan forgiveness program you qualify for and how you can get rid of your unpaid student loan.

You may be eligible for

Income Based Payments

A period of financial hardship may qualify you for an Income Based Repayment Plan. In many cases, this means you pay nothing.

We are here to help you make monthly loan repayments based on your monthly income and family size. Our professionals will design a flexible  loan repayment plan to make you feel at ease.

You may be eligible for

Student Loan Rehabilitation

If you find yourself with a loan that is in default status, these programs can help you get back into good standing. These programs are typically 9-10 months and allow you to make an agreement with your lender to rehabilitate your loan with the lender. The payments are typically agreed upon between you and your lender and are typically something that you can afford. Once you have made 9-10 successful payments, the lender will agree to remove the default status from  your credit report.

You may be eligible for

Student Loan Consolidation

Loan consolidation will take all your federal student loans and combine them into one new loan. You will have only one lender, with one monthly payment. In this consolidation you are able to choose a payment plan that’s affordable to you. By consolidating you also may become eligible for loan forgiveness.

There are no obligations or commitments.

Meet your Budget

One of our advisers will help you meet your payment goals by using your budget and timeline to determine the best plan available.

Simple Process

We understand that lowering your payments alone can be difficult. Our intuitive platform allows us to keep the entire process simple. 

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with outstanding service only. We look forward to working with you.

100% money back guarantee

No Hassle Money Back Policy

My student loan payment was beginning to get out of control. I had Aidnest help me lower my payments to something a bit more manageable.

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The experts at Aidnest were there to help me when I needed it most. My debts felt like there were holding me back from doing anything.

Paula ChristiansenAustin, TX

I was overwhelmed but Aidnest explained the process, and made everything clear and simple.

AJ OlekRancho Palos Verdes, CA

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