Frequently asked questions


Below are the most frequent questions from our customers if you have any other question FEEL FREE TO ASK BY COMPLETING THE APPLICATION ( APPLY NOW)

What are the benefits of consolidating my loan?

Consolidating student loans will put all your existing loans into the Federal Direct Loan Program with the Department of Education. You will only have to worry about one payment instead of multiple payments. This makes it easier to manage your debt. Further, within this program there are options that can help make payments more affordable to certain borrowers and may forgive some portion of the loan balance at the end of the loan term.

How long does it takes to consolidate my loans?

It will take 60-90 days to consolidate from when the lender has received your application for consolidation.

Can I consolidate if I am currently enrolled in school?

Yes but with certain conditions. Borrowers cannot consolidate loans that are an in-school status, but borrowers can still consolidate loans that are in grace, repayment or deferment.

I am already consolidated, can I consolidate again?

Yes, as long as you are including at least one other FFEL or Direct Loan into the new consolidation.

Will consolidating my loans get me out of default and have a positive effect on my credit?

Yes, if you are not being garnished, consolidating your loans will get you out of default and reflect positively on your credit. If unfortunately you are being garnished you will need to be placed into a rehabilitation program.

How do I know your company will work on my file and this is not a scam?

Well we understand your concerns, but not only does our company offer a guaranteed service agreement to all of our clients to assure you that what you are approved for is coming directly from the DOE, that is a guarantee not only for you but for us as a company as well. You will also get correspondence DIRECTLY from the DOE and your new lender notifying you that we have submitted your file directly to them. That’s proof to you as well that we have submitted your file and there is no way we as a company would forge a letter from a government company, that is a federal offense , which we wouldn’t risk for $499.

What if we don’t get approved for the program that you are qualifying me for?

Our system is linked directly with the DOE, I am entering the information that you are providing me with. If you are not being honest then YES there is a chance that your approval can get denied. That is the only way you wouldn’t be approved.

Are the programs 100% legit?

Yes, these programs are 100% legitimate they are government based programs that were approved about 3 years ago. You can go online now and search for these programs you will be able to get information on GOVERNMENT based websites. This is not something that our company came up with to try to get your loans forgiven. This is coming directly from the government.

Why would the government want to forgive our loans off?

Well there is a Trillion dollar deficit in student loans, there are so many people like yourself that were overcharged or mislead and now left to pay off these loans that are extremely high on payment & interest. So that is why the government has approved these programs, so we can stimulate the economy and get everyone in good standings with their creditors. As you may know these student loans will never go away even if you were to file a bankruptcy. That is why the government wants companies like ours to help people with debt and get your loans forgiven.

If these are government funded programs, why do I have to pay you to enroll me?

Our company unfortunately does not get funded through these programs. That is why we have to charge our clients for our services, our company has to pay a team to process your file like an accounting, processing and myself. Just like any other service, like hiring an attorney or tax servicer to do your taxes at the end of the year.


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